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General terms of sale
1. PAYMENT TERMS After placing the order online, our sales person will contact you to determine how you would like to pay. For any information before placing the order, please contact us at amministrazione@ad-maiora.eu
2. SHIPPING AND DELIVERY TERMS Delivery terms for the purchased goods may vary according to availability. The delivery is realised (unless differently requested) by courier.
3. SHIPPING COSTS CONTRIBUTION Shipping costs may vary depending on the goods purchased, as well as the requested quantity. Shipping costs will be communicated together with the order confirmation. They represent the charges incurred in sending the goods, without any additional charge.
4. WARRANTY All of our products come with a legal warranty. This warranty does not apply to the normal wear and tear of the goods.

Personal data protection (Art. 13 D. Lgs. 30.06.2003 n. 196)
We would like to inform you that, according to the applicable law:
a) personal data will be used for business, sale, promotional, managing and statistical purposes, through electronic processing with pre-arranged criteria;
b) some data are compulsory to dispatch the order and by refusing to provide them you may not be able to receive the goods; other data (e.g. phone n°) are optional and allow the company to offer the client a better service; there will be no consequence for refusing to provide them;
c) data will not be shared;
d) data could be communicated to individuals which are in charge such as employees or other co-operators for the processing that are necessary or related to sending the promotional material and dispatching the order or to third parties that provide specific services strictly inherent to the fulfilment of the agreement, such as:
d1)data entry, customisation, message packaging companies, call centres; Poste Italiane S.p.a.; Companies that provide payment services;
e) the client has the right to obtain, without delay:

e1)a confirmation of the presence of his/her personal data, even if they have not been registered yet and the communication in an intelligible way of those data and their origin, their purpose and their processing methods, as well as the logic behind their treatment;

e2)the identity details of the owner and of the director;

e3)the cancellation, amendment into anonymous form or blocking of the data unlawfully processed;

e4)the update and amendment or, if necessary, the integration of the data;

e5)a certification that the operations as per points c) and d) have been communicated to those who are concerned by them, unless this is impossible or entails the use of means that are disproportionate in relation to the right they serve;

e6)to learn, through free access to the records as per Art. 37 D. Lgs. 196/2003 the existence of data processing that could concern him/her;

e7)to freely object to the processing of personal data for the purpose of sending promotional and sale material;
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