Aluminium ring

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Aluminium ring for external fixation

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Discover versatility and innovation with our unique rings featuring connecting loops. These loops allow seamless connection with threaded bars, linear elements, and bone grip components, ensuring a flawless adjustment of various elements' positions. Unlike conventional systems with limiting round holes, the loops provide the freedom for desired adjustments. The ring boasts coplanar holes that seamlessly integrate with our patented 'sail' stabilization system for hybrid constructions, providing enhanced robustness.

Beyond its core functionality, our 180° arc semirings are meticulously designed with anatomical considerations. Its connecting loops, akin to those of the full ring, enable ergonomic linkage of threaded bars, linear elements, and bone grips. The distinct feature of this semiring lies in its ring aperture, rendering it ideal for anatomical districts where the complete ring could exert undesired pressure on soft tissues.

Both products are masterfully crafted from aluminum alloy, ensuring strength and durability. These components effortlessly integrate with all linear parts of our universal system, whether in dynamic or static configurations. Experience a new level of precision and flexibility with our range of innovative solutions for reliable and anatomically optimized connections.

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