Midi hybrid radiolucent fixator kit

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External fixator radiolucent circular and hybrid kit suitable for patients up from 10 to 40 kg in weight

Codice prodotto: K00010005A
Materiale: Radiolucent

The Midi hybrid radiolucent fixator kit is suitable for the treatment of patients weighing 10 to 40 kg, and contains all the components to perform some circular and hybrid frame constructs.

The radiolucent materials with which the circular and linear components are produced allow both intraoperative and postoperative radiographic visualization of the fracture area even when it is peri or juxta-articular, unlike metal frames that cause radiographic interference.

The threaded pins in the kit are of the Screwpin type, ie with the same characteristics of the orthopedic screws. They are self-tapping but not self-drilling, and have the same screw diameters, so that the diameter of the drill to be used is the same as that used for screws of the same diameter.

The K wires contained in the kit are of the “half-tip” type, ie with the particular shape of the tip capable of perforating also the most resistant cortex with relative ease, in order to reduce the risk of thermonecrosis around the wire, thus increasing a lot their bone holding.

The Polilock supports in the kit allow the K-wires to be anchored to the threaded bars of the frame, drastically reducing the need to add linear elements to the assembly in order to support K-wires outside the ring plane.

Kit component

Code Description Q.ty
A00020007B Carbon ring 270° Ø 84 mm x 6 mm 2
A00020011B Carbon ring 360° Ø 84 mm x 6 mm 3
B00020014A Threaded rod M5 Lenght 190 mm, steel 4
B00020026A Threaded rod M5 Lenght 50 mm, steel 4
B00020027A Threaded rod M5 Lenght 70 mm, steel 4
B00020028A Threaded rod M5 Lenght 90 mm, steel 4
B00020029A Threaded rod M5 Lenght 110 mm, steel 4
B00020030A Threaded rod M5 Lenght 130 mm, steel 4
B00020031A Threaded rod M5 Lenght 150 mm, steel 4
B00020032A Threaded rod M5 Lenght 170 mm, steel 4
B00040002A Rail 1 oval hole, inclinable, radiolucent, M6 thread 1
B00040004A Rail 1 oval hole, orthogonal, radiolucent, M6 thread 1
B00040006A Rail 2 oval holes, inclinable, radiolucent, M6 thread 1
B00040008A Rail 2 oval holes, orthogonal, radiolucent, M6 thread 1
C00020001A Pin-holder cylinder 1 hole 1
C00020002A Pin-holder cylinder 2 holes 1
C00020003A Pin-holder cylinder 3 holes 1
C00040016A Complete autoclavable container for linear radiolucent midi kit 1
D00010003A M5 small nut with flange 20
D00010008A Nut M6 aluminum gold selflocking 1
D00010018A M6 nut for clamp and post 3
D00010019A Nut M3 ss selflocking 20
D00020003A Hemispherical nut M5 aluminum 12
D00020004A M6 hemisferical nut aluminum alloy 2
F00020158A K wire half tip, Ø 1.2 mm Lenght 250 mm 6
F00020159A K wire half tip, Ø 1.5 mm Lenght 250 mm 6
F00020174A Threaded pin Ø 2.4 mm Lenght 100 mm, fil. 15 mm 4
F00020175A Threaded pin Ø 2.7 mm Lenght 120 mm, fil. 20 mm 4
F00020176A Threaded pin Ø 3.5 mm Lenght 130 mm, fil. 25 mm 4
G00010001A Hook Ø 3 mm Lenght 16.5 mm x 5.0 mm 4
G00010004A Hook Ø 3 mm Lenght 16.5 mm x 7.5 mm 4
M00010003A Wire/pin clamp aluminum alloy 3
M00010020A Round clamp Ø 20 mm 3H 3 mm aligned B5 rxl black 4
M00010021A Round clamp Ø 20 mm 3H 3 mm staggered B5 rxl black 4
P00040002A Cap for pins Ø 3,0 mm 4
P00040005A Cap for pins Ø 1,8 mm 8
R00020002A Round washer 14×7.5 mm 3
R00020003A Round washer 15×5.5 mm 20
R00030001A Hemispheric washer inox 10×16 mm 4
R00030002A Hemispheric washer inox 8×14  mm 12
R00030008A Rectangular self-centering steel washer 5.5×15 mm 24
R00030009A Rectangular self-centering steel washer 8.2×15 mm 6
V00020001A Threaded locker for pin Lenght 8 mm 4
V00020002A Threaded locker for pin Lenght 12 mm 4
V00020003A Threaded locker for pin Lenght 16 mm 4
V00030001A Hexagonal head perforated screw M5 Lenght tot 21,5 mm, for K wires 12
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